Monday, January 2, 2012

Wall Art

Happy New Year Friends! I am so excited about this wall art craft project. It's my best craft yet and a great craft to start the new year.

12x12 scrapbook paper
12x12 canvas
mod podge
distress ink
spray paint
clear varnish

Tips and Tricks:
  • Use lightweight scrapbook paper instead of card stock. It takes a long time (and many coats of mod podge) to get the paper to adhere to the side of the canvas
  • Cover the entire front of the canvas, apply paper, and cover the top of the paper with a coat of mod podge
  • When everything has dried, cover with a clear matt varnish
  • Use scrapbook paper with big designs

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  1. This is beautiful! I just have a couple of questions. You listed distress ink and spray paint under Tips & Tricks. When do the distress ink and the spray paint come into play.
    Also, you listed 12x12 canvas and 12x12 scrapbook paper, but you also mentioned it taking a long time to adhere the paper to the side of the canvas. Did you use the same lightweight scrapbook paper on the sides of the canvas or did you use something else?
    Okay, I lied. I have another question. This scrapbook paper is beautiful. Where did you get it?
    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks.

  2. Hi Judie. Thanks for stopping by! I hope I can answer your questions.
    1) Spray paint the canvases first along the sides and front edges.
    2) use the distress ink after the paper is glued on but before the varnish it creates a worn look
    3) I didn't want the 12x12 paper to stick straight out, so I used the mod podge to round the edges of the paper to the canvas... that helped to maintain the canvas look
    4) It's best to try to use one sheet of 12x12 lightweight scrapbook paper ( some of these sheets were like card stock if I remember correctly
    5) The paper was purchased at Michaels and Hobby Lobby
    I hope this helps!

  3. I just found this. Can you tell me where you got the scrapbook paper? Thank you.

    1. Hi. The scrapbook paper was purchased at Michaels and Hobby Lobby craft stores. Good Luck! I would love to see your finished wall art!