Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project Organization

I love being trying to be organized...I just hate the process it takes to get organized. Since I'm on holiday break, I decided to organize a few rooms in my house. First on the list is my closet. I am revamping how I organize my shoes. This is how my shoes were organized a few years ago. I used plastic shoe boxes from Wal-Mart and taped pictures of each shoe on the outside of the box. Due to fallen off pictures, a yard sale, a few donations to Goodwill, and new shoe purchases, it looks a bit different now. 
Wish me luck!! I will post an updated picture soon.

Update: I finally finished reorganizing my closet. It looks pretty similar to the original, but hopefully I can go 5 years (instead of 3) before having to redo the pictures.

These pictures were taped using double sided tape to the inside of each shoe box. The pictures were printed on copy paper. I thought about using photo paper, but didn't have enough. The photo paper would work well if you placed the pictures on the outside of the shoe boxes. You may want to use large printer labels. I also placed the shoes on a shelf instead of on the floor. There were a few technical difficulties when trying to print off the pictures, but overall this was an easy project.
Cost: $0
Time: 2 days
I'm glad this project is complete!

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